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Once again Vincenzo is entering the spotlight as he announces his third full length album on home label Dessous. Some 9 years after ‚Welcome To Zanarkand‘, his last long-player, the Berlin based producer has been making magic in the studio, crafting what is sure to be his greatest work yet.

Wherever I Lay My Head‘ is a glorious journey through 14 tracks of rich, spiritual and stunningly crafted electronic sounds. Vincenzo‘s cristal clear production and years of writing experience have culminated in this heroic new work. The album title reflects an aspect of Vincenzo‘s personality that makes the widely travelled producer feel comfortable in foreign places. He loves to travel, to meet new people, to experience new worlds and to absorb new inspirations, which is all incorporated into his music.

We drift through the sublime tones of ‚Hello‘ feat. Lisa Shaw, whose vocals also feature later with ‚Keep Moving‘. Lisa is based in Miami and came to Berlin for a week where she and Vincenzo laid down these two stunning tracks. A special note should also go to the album‘s second track, ‚Tasmania‘ which was produced on location in Hobart after a two day hike through the temperate hills.

The album is a free flowing trip into completely entwirling musical zones. The mighty ‚The Clearing‘, which has already proved its power on dancefloors and sun decks everywhere, sets the tone from here on in. Inspired by many, diverse music styles, Vincenzo set out to make an album that was less aimed at the dancefloor – a more timeless sound full of positivity and prosperity, ideal for home-listening.

The Cleaning (reprise)

106 Downtown



Sometimes Saturday

Hello (feat Lisa Shaw)

Where You Are


Broken Flower

Keep Moving (feat Lisa Shaw)

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