In these difficult times which are consumed with hardships and emotional turmoil. It has become so easy for some to feel disconnected from the world and themselves. Trying to find the medium to reconnect seems challenging but the voice within is restless as it knows what essential food is necessary for the mind and soul.

The essential food being music which is known and loved by many but often overlooked and forgotten for its benefit in sustaining a healthy life style. The profound yet simplistic forms that music can contribute to our lives are composed in the following aspects below:

Here’s a set of Soulful House by DJ Spivey out of Miami. He has some fantastic sets on his soundcloud page to which we would recommend you listen.

Also check out this nice write up “Music is Good for the Soul: The Science Behind Music’s Calming Effect” by Adriana Balentine to gain further insights into the power of music.

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