Frankie Knuckles pres director’s cut ft Jamie Principle – I’ll take you there

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Back in 2011, Frankie Knuckles and Eric Kupper debuted their Director’s Cut project by teaming up with old pal Jamie Principle on “I’ll Take You There”. Here it gets the reissue treatment, with a trio of classic mixes being joined by a fresh revision from scalpel maestro Moplen. His version is delicious, with Principle’s loved-up vocal rising above bubbly synth-bass, evocative organ lines, swirling synthesizer motifs and sunrise chords. There’s another chance to enjoy Director’s Cut’s own warm and glassy-eyed “Signature Remix”, a second spin for Dimitri From Paris’s slightly breezier (but no less loved-up) re-edit and a boisterous funky house rework from the Shapeshifters that some may have missed first time around.

I’ll Take You There (Moplen remix) (7:18)

I’ll Take You There (Directors cut Classic Signature remix) (7:48)

I’ll Take You There” (Dimitri From Paris re-edit) (7:48)

I’ll Take You There” (The Shapeshifters remix) (7:42)

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