Contours & Yadava – Cosmic Echoes

LABEL: Flumo Limited

Format: Full Length EP
Released: Sep 20′

R450.00 incl. VAT

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Flumo and ANMA Records link forces for this one, a collaborative project between UK-based Contours and Yadava. The music comes from various jam sessions and melds live percussion and floating keys with lush synth arpeggios. Add in drum machine, synthesizers and field recordings and you have a live and dynamic record. The whole thing flows smoothly and takes in beat driven jams that go deep with more scoring, emotionally charged tracks. Elements of the rich UK jazz scene, house, funk and more besides make this a fantastic exercise in musical warmth and soul.

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Side 1

1. Start First Finish Last (4:05)

2. Udu (3:47)

3. Speaking Through Broken Shells (6:36)

Side 2

1. Low Slung (6:19)

2. Cascades (3:31)

3. Cascades (NIAN remix) (6:07)



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