Music For Video Stores – Martin Brugger – (LP + 3 Photo Prints)

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On his debut album producer and Squama co-founder Martin Brugger hovers through Ambient, (upbeat) Downbeat and unfulfilled build-ups.

Conceptualised as a blank soundtrack, the music was sent to fellow artists who shared their visual and verbal associations which became the source for the artwork and track titles, effectively making the album a collective effort.

Evident in all of his recent projects is Brugger‘s passion for working and thriving within closely set limits.

The only audio sources in the process of making the album were his record player and a Dave Smith Prophet 08 synthesiser. In an antithesis to most sample-based music, Brugger takes the more ephemeral moments of recorded music and uses pitching tools as a magnifying glass to dive deeper into the sound and bare layers that normally remain unheard.


  • Flat On The Water’s Surface 04:09
  • E 79th 03:30
  • Reykjavik Syndrome 03:36
  • Suburban Home From A Hill 03:54
  • A Presence Of Light 03:39
  • Good Intentions 05:41
  • Back Around 5 PM 05:03
  • Scanner 04:39
  • From Where Our Signals Return 05:48


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