Matéria Exótica, Exotic Matter in English, in physics, is described as special because it can bend spacetime in a way that time slows down. This is the energy the label wants people to have with its music. For the first record, El_Txef_A delivers a 2 track side full of emotion and “Martian” sounds as he often calls it. A Basque producer who stands for a specific and complex sound signature, in his discography we find releases on labels like ‘Permanent Vacation’, ‘Mule Electronic’ or ‘Hypercolour’,he has as well released two long play Albums ‘Slow Dancing in a Burning Room ( 2012 )’ and ‘We Walked Home Together ( 2014 )’ Aitor Etxebarria is the man behind this mystic artist from Bilbao ‘El_Txef_A’ American born, Berlin based Snad, who has labels like Smallville or Minibar in his repertoire was the chosen one to remix the main track, Blue Boat, and give it a dancefloor touch”

Blue Boat (6:55)

Blue Boat (Snad remix) (7:32)

Untitled (7:30)

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