Boo Williams – Tribulation

Label: Boo Moonman

Format: 12″ EP
Released: Aug 20

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Chicago veteran Boo Williams has put out almost as many records as his good friend Glenn Underground, and almost all of them are high-class. His latest limited-edition missive is, somewhat predictably, another gem. Opener “Tribulation” is sweet and spacey, with Williams wrapping fizzing, techno-tempo drums and bubbly bass in intergalactic synths sounds and chords so emotive you might start blubbing on the dancefloor. It comes accompanied by a deeper, acid-flecked flipside dub that also boasts some exciting new synth solos (track three) and a slightly slower, but no less energetic or musically positive, bonus cut called “Mental State”. Predictably, this is every bit as alluring as the EP’s other tracks.


Side 1

Track 1 (8:12)

Side 2

Track 2 (6:42)
Track 3 (6:33)


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